What you will learn

The CIAM patternmaking classes teach you how to make patterns that produce perfectly fitted garments.

The patterns and garments produced during classes are done using actual measurements, with the aim of being able to create any garment as required (depending on level of skill and complexity of garment).

There are a number of required workshops and garments to be produced as  a part of the learning process.

There are three courses used for learning the method, each with an increasing level of difficulty.

Throughout the course you will learn to draft the following.

  • Basic pattern blocks for tops, skirts and pants
  • How to adjust the blocks for a perfect fit
  • How to adjust the blocks for different and more advanced garment styles
  • How to develop a pattern for a garment based on a picture or idea.


Classes are held at::

  • Belmore
  • Chatswood
  • Hornsby Heights
  • Goulburn | Canberra | Collector


See Centre Locations and class times.

The classes have a limited number of students at any one time.

Contact CIAM for further information.


The course is suitable for the novice, home sewer and professional dressmaker who wish to make their own patterns.

No previous patternmaking experience is necessary.

Familiarity with basic garment construction and how the pattern pieces fit together is of a benefit.

How Long?

The length of time it will take to complete the courses can vary depending on the student and the frequency of attendance.

This is usually between nine months and one year per course, and up to three years for all three courses.

The usual course progression is to attend one class session each week, however this can be customised to suit requirements with more frequent attendance or an intensive course.

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