Please note the new times for 2016!

In order to allow students the opportunity to take a pattern drafting class after the sewing workshop, we have adjusted the times of the workshop.

Morning session: 8:30 am (for a 8:45am prompt start) – 12 noon
Afternoon session: 12:15pm – 2:00pm                                                                                                          Pattern-drafting: 2:30pm – 5:30pm


Contact CIAM at for information about the cost of sewing workshops and technical classes.  We require an upfront payment for the whole garment. If you require additional days to complete the garment, there will be additional charges.

Note:  Fees for CIAM pattern drafting courses are charged separately.

Extra Workshops

We are holding some additional workshops this year, including a repeat of the Chanel-style jacket cardigan and possibly bras and corsets. Please contact CIAM for information if you are interested.

Technical Classes

There are two Technical Classes that are compulsory for Book 1 students, although other students may attend. The first one covers zipper insertion with particular attention to
construction of a fly, and must be done before taking the trousers workshop.  The second one covers bound pockets and buttonholes and must be completed before taking the jacket workshop. You may choose to attend the technical class without the rest of the
garment workshop.

Sewing Workshops

Workshops follow a tight timeframe and it is essential that students complete their
homework before the following workshop. The basic pattern and a calico fitting must be completed during class time, prior to the commencement of the workshops.

Time: 8:30am – 2:00pm 


Technical Class

Customising & cutting

Workshop 1

Workshop 2





10th Jan

24 Jan

7th Feb

21st Feb


5th March

19th March

 2nd April


30th April

14th May

28th May

11th June


1 & 2)

3rd Sep

17th Sep

1st Oct

15th Oct

29th Oct

12th Nov

26th Nov

(Book 2

  • Book 1 and Book 2 jacket workshops will be run concurrently. Book 2 will take an
    extra week. This may serve as an extra ‘catch-up’ day for Book 1 students who have not finished.
  • CIAM Certificate of Patternmaking students (i.e. Book 1) must choose their style of jacket by consultation with Annamaria at CIAM. They should be aware that if they chose a more complicated design than the basic, it will take more classes than those scheduled, thus incurring an additional cost.