Sewing & Garment Construction

What you will learn

For those who feel that they need a little help with their
sewing, we offer two kinds of sewing classes:

  • Sewing Techniques: We offer classes which focus on a particularly difficult sewing technique, for instance, collars.
  • Garment Construction: We also offer classes where you can bring in one of your current projects and our teacher will work through any problems you may be having.
Fitting a Coat


The classes have a limited number of students at any one time.
Contact CIAM for information about class times and locations.

CIAM will be closed for two weeks from 23 December 2017.
Limited classes will be available on demand during January 2018.
Normal class times will resume early February 2018.


The course is suitable for someone who wishes to learn sewing or have someone assist with the construction of a garment.